Revolution Green

Revolution Green
Woody Harrelson

Mike Frybarger

Revolution Green is a revealing documentary about the renewable energy called biodiesel and it’s importance to the world economy.

Based on a true story, Revolution Green follows the lives of Bob and Kelly King, whose pioneering vision created America’s first sustainable biodiesel refinery in Maui back in 1996. Bob and Kelly’s company, named Pacific Biodiesel, became the first private company in America to divert and refine thousands of tons of municipal grease trap waste and waste vegetable oil into clean-burning, premium ASTM certified, B100 biodiesel. Years later, country music legend Willie Nelson became very interested in the King’s vision of sustainable biodiesel, eventually forming a strong partnership. Over a short period of time, Willie and good friend Bill Mack would single-handedly use satellite radio to talk to truckers and farmers about biodiesel, elevating the renewable fuel into mainstream recognition.

Revolution Green is an American story about the responsibility that comes with freedom of choice. It follows one man’s vision to manufacture biodiesel and one man’s determination to spread the word; one man’s quest to use it in his big rig, and one man’s desire to farm his soybeans into biodiesel. Their unique perspectives on living a sustainable way of life offer audiences a chance to become empowered to make a difference in simple everyday choices.

This is their story.

Bob King

Jack Johnson

Willie Nelson


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