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Revolution Green takes an uncompromised and revealing look at the energy crossroads America faces today through the lens of independent cinema, with the focus being on the individual choices we make.

In the film, the audience is swept up in several of the most important flashpoints in America's race for energy independence, exploring one of the most complex and important issues of our times. Shot entirely on location in Hawaii, California, Oregon, Nevada, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Illinois, Revolution Green proves once again that taking risk with independent cinema can reward an audience with far more than could be imagined.

The filmmakers chose every element put into Revolution Green with an eye towards originality and a production based on creating a tool for anyone interested in trying to be part of a sustainable society. The power of individual choice knows no bounds. The people in this film have made important choices in their lives that all of us can benefit from. Revolution Green is part of that wave of conservation and awareness sweeping across the nation, and we hope people embrace the potential of a truly sustainable culture.

The Characters

Bob and Kelly King BOB KING
Over the past 10 years, Bob King and his wife Kelly founded Pacific Biodiesel and built 10 of America’s biodiesel plants. Their vision of conservation and sustainable biodiesel production with local feedstocks is setting an important cornerstone in America’s race for energy independence. Learn more about their story in Revolution Green.

In 2004, Willie Nelson and Bob King joined forces to create biodiesel for America. With Bob specializing in building zero emission biodiesel plants, their partnership is creating millions of gallons of premium biodiesel all across the country. By increasing the nations refining capacity with small, localized biodiesel plants, a sustainable source of fuel emerges, one biodiesel plant at a time. Revolution Green offers Willie’s wisdom on biodiesel and why it’s so important for America to be energy independent.

Mike Frybarger, Independent Trucker MIKE FRYBARGER
Mike Frybarger has been a long-haul, independent trucker for more than 20 years. In Revolution Green, Mike brings tremendous insight into the daily challenges facing the more than 3.5 million American truckers on the road today. He shows audiences his dedication to fueling responsibly by using biodiesel every chance he gets. Mike’s kind heart and compassion for America plays a major role in Revolution Green.

Family Farmers Dwain and Eric Dippel THE FAMILY FARMER
Few have been hit harder by skyrocketing diesel fuel prices than the nearly 2 million family farmers all across America. In Revolution Green, a group of centennial family farmers reveal how biodiesel is a beacon of hope for the American economy.

Brian Lundgren, Elgin Cotton Mill THE OIL MILL
The cottonseed oil mill in Elgin, Texas, is one of the oldest in America that still produces cottonseed oil with expellers. This cottonoil mill is a unique example of the local partnerships that can exist between oil producers and biodiesel manufacturers. It is a model for what the agricultural industry can become. Farm more and create more options from America’s own crop.

Lord John Browne, British Petroleum THE OIL COMPANIES
Lord John Browne, former CEO of British Petroleum and Dr. Lee Raymond former CEO of ExxonMobil, share their views on alternative energy in our petroleum-based world. See their reaction to the concept of renewable energy in Revolution Green.

Stephen Strout, Director of Revolution Green   STEPHEN STROUT

A southern California native, Stephen grew up surfing the warm Pacific waters and learned the importance of keeping the environment safe and clean for all to enjoy. Revolution Green takes his passion for conservation to a new level by exploring how biodiesel and sustainable living have the potential to preserve our natural resources for the generations to come.

Over the years, Strout developed his creative abilities editing video and film for award winning production companies like Herzog/Cowen, Go Go Luckey and Antenna Films. In late 2004 he worked tirelessly editing the first and third hour of Black Sky: The Race for Space for the Discovery Channel. Black Sky would go on to win a Peabody award in 2004 for best documentary.

Revolution Green is a truly independent film that was self-financed by first time director Strout. The film is part of his life. He has spent the past two years shooting, writing and editing Revolution Green. Sparked by the rising cost of fuel in the summer of 2005, Strout and producer Jessica Kelly paired up to make a film about a turning point in history. In researching alternative fuels, they came across biodiesel and the story of Bob King of Pacific Biodiesel. Strout saw King as a modern version of George Washington Carver. He felt the importance of what King was doing by creating biodiesel out of waste cooking oil, and felt compelled to tell this story.


Strout is an editor by trade, but a director and writer at heart. He has the eye for the story as well as the creative mind to tell it. Mix in his passionate heart and he is the perfect combination for a documentary filmmaker. His wealth of experience on editing proved to be invaluable in the field while shooting and directing this film.

Bob King and Stephen Strout
    Revolution Green is his first directorial debut of a feature-length documentary film. Producing and directing an independently funded film was always a dream of his. But the right subject for his foray behind the camera had not come along until the summer of 2005, when he read an article about Willie Nelson using biodiesel from a company called Pacific Biodiesel in Maui. And the rest is history.
Jessica Kelly, Producer of of Revolution Green JESSICA KELLY

Jessica Kelly has always been an environmentalist at heart. She nearly pursued a career in Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder, but opted for Journalism instead. Her love of television started when she was young. She would tell her mother when “TV time” was up that she was just doing ‘research’ for her future. Always glued to the nature shows, she has wanted to create something to add to that realm of media.

After graduating from CU in 2000, she opted to pursue a television career behind the camera as a producer. Her first television experiences out of college were on sports documentary shows and and reality television. She gained a wealth of production knowledge from producing multiple, award-winning shows like Beyond the Glory, So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol.


Kelly has been active supporting environmental causes from an early age. Growing up in Irvine, California, her father started his own environmental law company and encouraged her to recycle and start an environmental awareness club at Mater Dei high school. Through her involvement in the community she has seen how important protecting our natural resources is to the world and how with each bottle that is recycled; each bag that is reused; or each gallon of biodiesel that is produced we are all one-step closer to a better world.

Kelly always fascinated by television as an educational medium wants to continue to tell stories about the people, places and things positively affecting our world today. Visual storytelling is her strength and she is currently looking for her next story to tell. The Storytellers

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